Double click activity

Educational object

By the double click activity, child learn to click two times in a short time


Child must remove all items by double-clicking on them

Screen areas

Presentation of the screen areas:

Figure 7-26. Double click activity screen

  1. Chronometer activation (only for difficult level): child have 60 seconds for uncover all the picture... and enter in the 8 best times !

  2. selection of the game mode:

    • "normal": you can click on the item you want

    • "ghost": you have to click on the item marked by a yellow spot

  3. button for select the level of the activity (and adjusts it with the children age):

    Table 7-11. Double click activity levels

  4. button for select the previous and next pictures in the theme (you can use the left and right arrows of the keyboard)

  5. button for select the theme : you click on the button and the theme changes immediatly.

  6. button for quit the activity


Pysycache is provided with some GPL themes:

and other non compliant GPL themes are available:

Activity Double click FAQ

1. How can I make a personal theme for the "Double-click" activity ?
2. How make thumbnail for the "double-click" activity ?

1. How can I make a personal theme for the "Double-click" activity ?

For made a personnal theme, follow the steps:

  1. go in the themes-buttons directory

  2. create a sub-directory (for example my-theme)

  3. copy (or create) in your theme directory a file named logo.png. You can use the file masque-button-theme.png located in the directory doc of PySyCache. This picture will identify your theme at children. The size of the picture must be of 64 pixels width and 64 for height.

    Figure 7-27. File masque-button-theme.png

  4. copy in your theme directory:

    • the background picture

    • pictures for the two items that should move to left and right. (Theses pictures must have a size of 96 x 96 pixels)

      The name of theses pictures isn't important, but their extension must be .png

      Figure 7-28. Directory content for the buttons activity

  5. create in your theme directory the file of description of the items. The name of this file isn't important, but it must have the .dfg extension

    The file is structured like this :

  6. create the files credits.txt and copyright.html

2. How make thumbnail for the "double-click" activity ?

For make thumbnail for photographies of your theme, you can: