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You will find here are some news on the project

Current 2008 (?)...
The 4.0 release will available. Changes will:

April 2008, 15.
Achim Trumpler have write a script for made easyly cache for the move activity.
As its script is interesting, it will be integrated in the future v4.0 of Pysycache ! But today, you can download it from his blog or in the contrib area. You will find an explanation on its blog and on the user manual area that I have partially updated.

June 2007...
The 3.0.1 release is integrated in Debian (I'm very happy)! Thank you very much to Jose L. Redrejo Rodríguez!

November 2006, 3
The alimentation (or the motherboard) of my notebook is unavailable ! So it's impossible to boot with my notebook. It will take some day for me to restore my backups on my old computer. Sorry for the delay for finish the additional themes.

October 2006, 31
The 3.0.1 release is available ! Change is a correction for the unicode management on Windows.
I'm preparing the additional themes for the move activity.
Francesca CAMPORA have made translation of booklet in italian and some parts of FAQ. Thank to her.

October 2006, 29
The 3.0 release is available ! Changes are :

October 2006, 10
The beta release ! In few days, the final 3.0 release!!!

September 2006, 19
First development alpha release. All suggestions and feedbacks are welcome !

August 2006, 20
I have decided to provide every month the development release of Pysycache :

June 2006, 20
I found a fix for Macintosh 10.4 users. The 2.1 release corrects the locale detection troubles.
I fixed the forms in the contribute area: there were a bug preventing your contributions being sent back to me!
If you do a translation and don't receive any answer from me, please e-mail me, because your contibution was probably lost!
I'm looking for some contributors to translate the ABCBook, numbers themes and the menus ! Explanations are located in the "Contribute" area
I'm looking for contributors to translate the menus to your language too

freelog May 2006
PySyCache included on the issue #75 of the FreeLog magazine (may/june 2006) DVD.

May 2006, 16
Release 2.0 download count reached 2000!
I'm working on the 3.0 release: it will integrate three new activities (on the double-click and the drag-and-drop). Suggestions/ideas welcome!
David R. lended me a computer with Mac OS 10.4 (for making tests), because some users have troubles with the installation of pygame. Thank to him.
Last week, I added a new section on the web site to allow you to make translations to your language.

May 2006, 09
Øvind Karlsen have created a package for Mandriva distributions. For now, PySyCache is in Cooker and will be included by default in a further release ;-)

microhebdo April, 15 2006
Release 2.0 download count reached 1000!

The show
"De quoi je me mail" (on RMC radio) talked about PySyCache ! (thanks to IoDream for this information) in collaboration with an article in the issue #417 of the "Micro Hebdo" magazine

February, 16 2006
Release 2.0.
After a lot of discussions and hesitations, pysycache now include a default theme (GPL compliant) for each activity. Additional themes are (of course) already available!
I'd like to thank every people who helped me to improve this project by doing tests, installations ;-), themes creation. Some release notes:

Today, it's to you to assure the life of PySyCache:
  • by using it at home, in your school,
  • by sharing your themes
  • by testimoning about the child usage
  • by asking for some improvements
I know that PySyCache is used:
  • by some schools
  • by a rehabilitaion service in an hospital in Paris

The next release of PySyCache will include a new activity based on the drag and drop.

December, 8 2005
Release of the "numbers" theme made by Nicolas REVERSAT (thanks to him for his contribution).

Decembre, 3 2005
Very big number of hits on the website: more than 1200 visitors in 3 days and 2GB of downloads!
This after an article on framasoft written by Emmanuel POIRIER.
Some notes about the roadmap:

The 2.0 release would be available on 15 january.

November, 30 2005
Emmanuel POIRIER (from web site) have ported PySyCache to Windows and built a pretty setup.
Go here to download... You can visit his website and help him in theses projects.

October, 31 2005
More than 1000 visitors during the month (and the 1.5 release has been downloaded more than 140 times !)

October, 21 2005
Version 1.5 of pysycache. Changes :

The next release will have an activity based on "click" of the mouse and the possibility to have several pictures for the same cache.

September, 20 2005
First public release of PySyCache.