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You have to move the mouse for make visible an hidden picture step by step
You have to take 6 photographies. When you moving the camera and it's colouring in red : you can click for view the photographies
You have to lead every animal at its refuge by clicking on the left and right mouse buttons
Click here for stop your activity or quit Pysycache
Click here for Catch all items by double-clicking on them
Click here for arrange yours settings (speed, difficulty, sound, language...)
Click here for read the best times
You have to make the jigsaw by drag and drop pieces at their location
Click here for know who are the pictures and photographies authors
Quit the configuration of Pysycache
Management of Pysycache users
Configuration of Pysycache (users, activities...)
------------------ Licenses ------------------ Pysycache is a free software licensed by the GPL license ( Additionnal themes are covered by a license as Creative Commons ( See copyright.html file in each theme directory
Arrange your preferences
Configuration of Pysycache
Choice of the screen mode
Fullscreen mode
Window mode
Sound activation ?
Level of difficulty
Choice of the menus language
Speed of transition
Where is located the directory of the Pysycache users ?
the home directory of user
managed by Pysycache
Public directory of users
Scores directory
Name of the new user
Name of the directory with points
Name of the directory with users
Congratulation !
You have made a
very good score
Higher scores
What is your name ?
Move activity
Click activity
Buttons activity
Double click activity
Drag activity
Drag and drop activity
and press ENTER
Do you confirm the deletion of the
selected user ?
The directory of users doesn't exist !
Configure correctly Pysycache
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