download Download of requirements

In order to run Pysycache, you need Python and Pygame. For an usage with arabic alphabet, you need pyfribidi ( )

choice Either you have already Python and Pygame...
Maybe these softwares are already present on your computer... you can go to the second step (download Pysycache)next

choice Either you don't have installed Python and Pygame
You can download them here:

  python site
Official Python web site
pygame site
Official Pygame web site
Linux modern GNU/Linux distributions should already have python and pygame
mac repositoryLocal download

mac repositoryLocal download
Read carefully instructions on the python web site or the pygame wiki
Tests were done on a G3 with Mac OS 10.4.6 server.
windows repositoryLocal download

windows repositoryLocal download
Easy installation with setup wizards.
You don't need to download these libraries if you use the Pysycache setup.

and go to the second step (download Pysycache)next